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Summary Easy to use and robust C++ "2D over OpenGL" library
Category libraries
License GNU General Public License
Owner(s) acs


The goal of the project is to develop a robust yet simple to use graphics library on top of OpenGL.
That can be used for 2D and isometric games (such as sidescrollers, strategies and so one)
XaosLib will be not a full functional game engine.
However that will be possible to create one, with use of this library.
No such functionality as scripting or reflection will be supported.

Here is a TODO list (sorted by priority):

  • Scenegraph class must be realized, such one that with use of same interface
    provides management of sprites and 3D meshes on the same level of complexity.
    So that must be exactly as simple to add a 3D Mesh to the scene as a sprite.
  • FontConfig and FontManager classes must be redesigned.
    Those classes must be simplified.
  • Develop a "resource binder".
  • OpenAL integration.
  • Particles engine

Why another 2D over OpenGL library ?

  • There is no one free "2D over OpenGL" C++ library i have found. Anything what i found is a C or "C with classes" kind of libraries
  • One can say HGE is such one. The answer is - "it is not a multiplatform library"
  • Q: What about SDL ? A: SDL is a nice set of libraries, however it is a C library
  • Q: What about T2D ? It is not free.
  • Q: Why not 3D library ? A: There is enough 3D engines and libraries like Irrlicht, IrrlichtNX, Ogre3D and so one


To compile XaosLib you will need following tools and libraries installed on your Linux
  • Development platform - Linux. You should get recent one, that have Xorg instead of outdated and buggy XFree86
  • A WIN32 code generated using the xmingw32 cross environment
  • Eclipse/CDT is an IDE of choice.
  • Eclipse/CDT "Managed Make" is the build system for subprojects
  • GLFW library version 2.4 or higher
  • GLFW library homepage
  • DevIL library version 1.6.7 or higher
  • DevIL library homepage
  • FreeType2 version 2.1.10 or higher
  • FreeType2 library homepage
  • ZLib version 1.2.3 or higher
  • ZLib homepage

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